The Texas Music Barn

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The Texas Music Barn is the venue located inside the World Headquarters of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc.  The building was built in 1927 and the Academy acquired it in 2009 through a gift from the Cass County Conservancy.  The Academy's ongoing efforts to restore, refurbish, and repurpose the building have resulted in one of the premier listening venues in Texas.  State of the art sound and lighting make this a favorite place for musicians to perform.  The farthest seat from the stage is only 44 feet, making every performance an intimate experience for fans. Don't let those big front steps fool you, we have a ramp in the back that lets you enter without negotiating a single step.

See a video of 2-Bit Palomino
performing "Sherman's Chimneys" at The Barn

This is what the stage looks like.  It's an excellent place to play
or a great place to bring your friends for a night of great music.


  January 10, 2014
Big Gus Samuelson


August 23, 2013
2-Bit Palomino

May 30, 2012
Michael Martin Murphey

May 28, 2012
Michael Martin Murphey

October 29, 2011
Transylvania's Got Talent 2011

April 28, 2012
2-Bit Palomino

December 10, 2011
Holiday Concert


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