The Texas Music Awards are an event that has two functions.  First, the event recognizes excellence in independent Texas music with an annual awards process that is voted on primarily by previous recipients, making sure that it's about the music and not a popularity contest.  Actually, it's not a contest at all.  It is recognition for excellence.  Second, the show seeks to raise money, as it is the sole annual fundraiser for the Academy of Texas Music, Inc.  The process, the show, and the benefits provided to all the nominees is dependent on fine Texas sponsors who contribute financially to make sure Texas musicians are properly recognized for their efforts. 


The Academy promotes worldwide recognition and perpetuation of Texas Music and the musicians of the State of Texas, whether they are Texans by birth, residence, or philosophy.  The Academy creates, provides, and enhances music education through various avenues such as clinics, public and private school education programs, and direct scholarships.  The Academy provides benevolence to qualifying musicians and their families in times of hardship.  The Academy provides formal recognition for musicians and professionals in the Texas music industry through the presentation of an annual awards ceremony.  The Academy offers oversight as the sanctioning body for all musical awards processes in Texas, ensuring fair practices and promoting professional equity. is where it all started back in August of 2000.  The site serves several functions.  First, it is an online record store, providing product fulfillment for Texas artists who want to connect with their fans in a true Texan way.  Second, MTM is the official listing site for anyone who wants to be eligible for the Texas Music Awards.  You don't have to sell your music through MTM to have it listed, but it's crazy not to do so.  Next, MTM provides a voice for the family of Texas musicians who are linked by their love of Texas.  The site boasts the lowest price online for any CD carried, while paying out high percentages to artists.  The business is run by musicians who have not taken a paycheck in over ten years.