The Texas Music Barn

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"The sound was the best on our entire tour."
- Pat Flynn, Michael Martin Murphey Band

"I love this place!"

- Joe King Carrasco

The Texas Music Barn has been called the best new listening house in Texas.
Requests to perform at the Barn are frequent and numerous.  So, we needed
to make all performers aware of how we decide who gets to play at the Barn.

Since the Barn is inside the world headquarters of the Academy of Texas Music,
you must understand that only acts who are members of the Academy will
be considered for performances.  Still, that leaves hundreds of possible acts.

If you are a band seeking to play The Barn, you must first be a member
of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc. and have your music listed with  You must make a buying
choice on your website, and if you mention all the places carrying
your music in your emails, you must also list

Those who sell exclusively through will
receive the highest priority.

There is no fee to use the Barn if you are a member.  You will, however play for a part
of the door.  There are no paid gigs at the Barn, since the Academy is a non-profit charity. 

This is detailed in our performance contract.  While the venue is not a union house,
many of us are union musicians and subscribe to union philosophy.

Our contract has guarantees that are fair to both the performer and venue.

Typically, the sale of as little as thirty-two tickets can cover both guarantees,
and performers can usually reach union scale wages with approximately
seventy-five tickets sold.  We can provide lodging, meals, and merchandise
handling for you, and each of these services changes the terms of the contract slightly.

To become a member of the Academy, click here

To get listed with, click here

If you are eligible already and would like to discuss booking a show,
send email to Tommy Hooper at